Sarah Snebold - Foremost Strategy U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program Research Intern

Sarah Snebold – Foremost Strategy | U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program | Research Intern

Sarah is a current student at Montana State University. She began her career majoring in Biochemistry, and working for the Montana State football team. During that time, she became interested in the women’s role within the domain of sports and football in particular. After reading Mountains Beyond Mountains during her freshman year, she became passionate about the work of Paul Farmer. For the next year she grappled with her current career path and her passion regarding women domestically and nationally, and the lives of individuals in third world countries. Ultimately, this led to her decision to pursue a double major in writing and political science, with an emphasis on policy analysis.

Sarah’s primary focus is within human rights and social justice issues. She has two pending publications regarding the Violence Against Women Act. Currently, her work has been focused on the area of women’s rights and the issue of sexual violence. She is in her second year of Arabic, working to pursue her goal of working for women’s rights both domestically and internationally, specifically in the Middle East.

She was featured on The Blaze, defending her article Dear Trump and Tomi: Words Are Not Just Words against Tomi Lahren. Sarah has ventured to publish her advocacy writing to a personal blog Catalyst for Change in order to do the necessary work that she was being restricted from pursuing. She also has lobbied for legislation regarding global poverty and foreign aid under The Borgen Project and mobilized other constituents in Montana to contact their Congress Members.

Sarah is interested in rhetorical, discourse and narrative analyses within policies, and their implementation stages, such as congressional hearings. She is to continue her work within this domain under her current professors, who are highly regarded for their research in their area. She believes this work is crucial for a truthful examination of the motives of policy actors and where barriers of language exist.

Sarah’s work at Foremost Strategy will have a two-part focus. She will study the vote of women and their impact on the 2016 election cycle in the USA. She hopes to begin her study by digging into the mind of women voters in Montana, a state staunchly committed to Donald Trump’s campaign, and then bring her findings to a more national scale. Her second focus will be lobbying efforts for legislation regarding LQBTQ and women’s rights. She is committed to furthering these efforts, and is excited to do so in a state where a magnitude of work needs to be done.