Qi Jing - Foremost Strategy U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program Research Intern

Qi Jing – Foremost Strategy | International Affairs Program – Abroad | Research Intern

Qi is a professional researcher with a strong background performing research, data collection and quantitative and qualitative analysis. Qi is trained on research projects, building statistical tables and creating regression/survival models, including; graphs, tables and figures, conducting participatory observation, interviews, ethnographic methodologies. Qi also boasts solid writing skills, drafting academic and non-academic articles about politics and international relations that are fluent in English and Mandarin (Chinese).

He holds a Bachelor of Political Science from Australian National University (ANU), with an emphasis on research training of social science; quantitative methodology in social science; qualitative research methodologies; game theory and its applications; and statistical program/tools like Stata and R. His research includes political science with a quantitative approach; sociology with a qualitative approach; and applications of game theory (earned ranking of “High Distinction”). His latest research project examined the relationship between political regimes, regulatory system, and Foreign Direct Investment.  During this research Qi also performed data collection, quantitative analysis and writing within this theme. Furthermore, he conducted qualitative research, including interviewing and observing participants, and writing reports.

Qi also holds a Certificate from the College of English Training Center at ANU, he is a member of the Ursula Hall Community, contributing articles to “The Nature of Things.” and an active member of the “Open Political Assembly”.

At Foremost Strategy Qi will examine within the theme of Chinese politics, a comparison between U.S and Chinese political system (including political institutions, dominant values, moral aspect, political philosophy grounded under the two regimes, dominant ideologies), China’s reactions to U.S. political affair (opinions of Chinese government, people from different places, different jobs, different social classes, different ethnics, towards U.S. and its political events)

EMAIL: qi@foremoststrategy.com