Michael Kay – Foremost Strategy | U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program | Research Intern

Michael was first drawn into politics, policy, and advocacy during his years at Drexel University, where he was part of the lacrosse team, majored in Environmental Studies & Sustainability, and worked for Food & Water Watch. During his advocacy work for Food & Water Watch, he developed an interest in the policies behind the protests. Deciding that policy was not only more interesting, but more influential, he transferred out of Drexel and quit playing lacrosse to obtain a degree in English & Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and to pursue a career in political consulting, advocacy, and activism.

His political passions revolve around climate change, global poverty, and income inequality in America. Specifically for stricter regulations on carbon emissions, in developing new fundamental policies to allocate more aid to third world impoverished countries, and to provide a platform for those of the middle and low classes to voice their opinions on.

Michael is interested in the critical analysis of policy aimed at a younger generation. He has worked as a Journalist for NYA Today, an organization that promotes volunteer opportunities to young advocates in order to reinforce the grassroots movements, and the bottom-up policy of change by composing articles for their politics, environment, and opinion sections.

He has direct impact on his community as a key member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby in the Santa Barbara County, CA., and he is a member of 350 Santa Barbara, where he manages the tech committee. These organizations are largely based on policy criticism, and lobbying; both of which have also furthered his interest in policy analysis and political influence.

Michael’s work at Foremost Strategy will be focused on a post-election analysis of Millennials and their impact on the 2016 election cycle in the USA, taking into consideration technology, social environment, and the influence of social media in the younger voters. We are happy to have him on board and we are convinced that his research will be critical for future prediction models.

EMAIL: michael@foremoststrategy.com