John Zmuda

John Zmuda Foremost Strategy - Partner

PHONE: +1(309) 738-1372

John brings to our campaign strategy team a progressive 10+ years of business management experience for major companies and corporations, establishing profitable business relationships with influential vendors, individuals, as well as business partners.


  • A superior focus on building a loyal customer base
  • Proven record of achieving aggressive, profitable results
  • Strong knowledge of financial strategy
  • Comprehensive knowledge of day to day business operations management to maximize profitability
  • Proficient business management and handling of financial reports to ensure budget maximization

At Foremost Strategy John is a key partner on;

Planning: As a strategist and financial planner, John develops performance measures and strategic direction.  He formulates tactical initiatives, monitors and directs strategic campaign plan implementation, while managing capital and budgeting processes.

Operations:  Participates in key financial decisions, manages the accounting, human resources, investors relations, legal, tax, and treasury departments. He oversees our foreign financial operations and vendor’s transaction processing systems while implementing best practices.

Financial Information:  Oversees the issuance of campaigns financial information and reports financial results to boards, committees, and governmental agencies

Risk Management: Mitigates key elements of campaign’s risk profiles, constructs and monitors reliable control systems, maintains and complies with legal and regulatory requirements, and ensures that record keeping meets requirements of auditors and government agencies. He reports and analyzes risk issues to the audit and campaign committees.

Funding:  Manages all campaign fundraising efforts and monitors cash balances, forecast, and banker’s relationships.

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