Connor McWilton - Foremost Strategy U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program Research Intern

Connor McWilton – Foremost Strategy | U.S Domestic Policy and Advocacy Program | Research Intern

Connor is working to earn his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and the United States History at the University of Alabama where he is President of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. During his sophomore year, he developed a passion for the American political system. After reading the works of his political science professor, Dr. Norman Baldwin, Connor became fascinated with the particular topics in American politics. His primary interests in the policy involved the Legislative Branch, as well as the effects of domestic and foreign policies of the United States government in the 21st century. Connor began working closely with Dr. Baldwin, who took a keen interest in Connor’s political ideologies, beliefs and work ethic. Dr. Baldwin’s interest in Connor, led to a meaningful relationship with the young and determined student, becoming a mentor and role model for Connor as he progressed through his course work at Alabama.

Connor’s primary focus is on trade policies and job creation of the United States and their effects internationally and domestically. He has conducted faculty research assistance with Dr. George Hawley in his publications focused on American public policy. Currently, his work concentrates on the impending tax, trade and industry regulation policy reforms that will develop throughout the Donald Trump Presidency. Connor identifies as a Republican; however, he also supports many of the Democratic platforms. Connor hopes to find a way to create a voting population, who will vote for the most qualified candidate, not only cast votes based on political ties and affiliation.

He recently worked as a research and strategist intern for the Arizona Senator John McCain’s re-election campaign for the U.S Senate in the fall of 2016. Connor also worked with Alabama Senator Richard Shelby’s re-election campaign for U.S Senate in this past election cycle, tasked with the responsibility of informing the University of Alabama student body and Tuscaloosa, AL community of the Senator’s platform.

Connor is interested in the affairs of the American Legislature but has set out to find ways to educate the American citizenry on all things politics. He has long term goals that hope to reform political education of all American eligible voters, from high school students to senior citizens. Connor firmly believes that American political education be implemented into collegiate and high school curriculum. American politics is something that he believes should be taught through bi-partisan and unbiased communication in media outlets and the classroom. Connor strives to create bi-partisanship in the U.S government; something he believes would create better functionality at the local, state and federal government levels.

Connor’s work at Foremost Strategy will have a three-part focus. He will conduct research through qualitative and quantitative methods to study the level of political understanding, terminology and policy implications for U.S citizens and around the globe. Connor will also focus on the effects of an unprecedented 2016 Presidential election and how a Republican majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives will affect the 2018 midterm election cycle. He will also focus on supporting candidates in the 2018 elections, up and down the ballot. He will provide educational material to the American voters on the importance of judicial races and appointments at the state and local levels.